We’re pleased to announce that Elmot company has signed its first single family house agreement in Poland!

Our company, since the year 2012, has made17 different kinds of buildings, amongst which were single family houses, apartment houses, kindergartens and many others of an individual character. Only 3 of them have been made in our country and they were ‘Heating house for homeless people’ in Nowem and development of Meat Processing Plants Nove in Morg and build in 2017 from 21 modules the residential resort “Sailor’s House’ in Puck.

Today we can boast about our first signed agreement on building a single family house in the “neighbourhood” of Gniew. Rounding of the package is the fact that the investor of this project is a weld quality controller working in our company. We’re happy that people taking an active part in the production process of our modular passive houses notice the advantages of building in our technology and being aware of the technological process and the quality regime decide to live in a house made in our production plant in Kopytkowo.

The house, with its usable area of 66,15m2 will be implemented in passive standard from 4 modules with steel structure. This week the process of creating a steel skeleton has started and the first elements have been out in the ‘cutter’- the device for precise welding of steel elements. Then the modules will be at the casing hall where, in the course of 3 weeks, they will be build up and reinforced. The main aim of this project is the highest scope of prefabrication, in order to, at the building site, do the assembly and outfitting work as soon as possible.