The Elmot company has been dealing with the production of social-office containers since 2016. Initially, we produced them for our own needs, to be used as “residential villages” for employees who were delegated to work on construction sites in Sweden. Container systems in such a building were able to satisfy all needs – both residential and sanitary, dining or office. Thanks to the high standard of workmanship and mobility of the solution, it quickly turned out that it is cheaper and a more comfortable to accommodate construction teams near the construction site and in better conditions than in employee hotels.

•    A quick way to provide you with new usable area with the highest comfort
•    Use of first-class materials
•    Have a universal use
•    Have excellent thermal and acoustic insulation
•    Are energy efficient
•    Have a solid, steel frame construction
•    Have a larger overall size of a single container compared to other available on the market


Our containers will perfectly fulfil the needs of people, who think and invest in the long term. Because of its high quality of workmanship and excellent thermal conditions it is a product which maintains durability and allows to save money. Energy efficient character of each individual container ensures that to meet the sufficient usage comfort only a small portion of energy is required.

Due to its profile our containers are used in:

  • residential areas
  • office buildings
  • back stage for concerts and events
  • military facilities
  • guard houses
  • gastronomy facilities
  • trading venues
  • back room for sport facilities
  • sanitary facilities
  • booths
  • warehouses
  • pharmacies
  • all temporary facilities
  • and as an object of any purpose, where it is required to maintain the optimal room temperature depending on outside weather conditions

 Because of its modular construction and steel container frame on site assembly is extremely quick and easy. Prefabrication in the production plant in Kopytkowo results in delivering a ready made container on site. It is enough to have a flat hard surface to put up an object as such and start its usage.

Technical Data:

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