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Our History

Elmot Ltd Company is on the market from 1990 and till 2012 it dealt with thermal modernisation, construction services and production of steel structures.

These experiences and clients’ positive opinions achieved on the Polish market resulted in the first order for the construction of a passive modular building with steel structure – Villa Södernäs in Sweden.

The task entrusted to us has been accomplished with high quality and within short time. Our expertise was appreciated to such an extend that we were offered permanent cooperation in the scope of producing modular passive buildings in steel construction. Since 2012, we’ve produced 496 modules for 15 different projects.

Our clients value us most for our patience and openness in relationships, flexibility, competent staff and, above all, for the speed of implementation. We are constantly improving our qualifications. We are improving the planning, preparation and production processes. In 2015, we expanded the company’s infrastructure with a modern production hall of steel structures, and in 2018 we will complete the construction of a housing and module hall, which will have a usable area of 3630m2. Our staff currently consists of 147 people.

Our biggest project, carried out so far, is a conglomeration of buildings PLUTO. It is a residential area of 4300m², divided into three buildings with a total number of 76 apartments. PLUTO consists of 180 modules, which have been produced in 7 months. Building assembly has been completed just after two months.

We are primarily focused on the effective implementation of your needs. Surprise us with your project, and you’ll find out how easily and quickly we can handle its implementation