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Modular Passive Buildings

Is a company with 28 years of experience on the market. We undertake construction investments based on the prefabrication technology of steel structure modules while maintaining the standards of passive construction. Find out more about our company using the tab: Our History  

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Modular Passive Buildings
We are a leader in modular construction with steel structure in Poland. Since 2012, we have made 12000m2 of usable area in the passive standard. For 2018, we have over 7500m2 planned, including single-family homes and educational facilities.
Steel Structure
An inseparable element of the infrastructure of our production plant in Kopytkowo is the steel construction hall. The equipment of the hall includes, among others, a set of cranes, one of the largest shot peening devices in Pomerania, a paint room and a "cutter" - a device for precise welding of steel elements.
Social-Office Containers
Our containers perfectly meet the needs of people who think and invest in the long term! Due to its high quality and thermal properties, it is a product that maintains a long time durability and saves money. The energy-saving nature of each individual container means that a small amount of energy is enough to provide operational ease and convenience. v
Facade and Insulation
In the course of our activity, we have performed hundreds of works consisting in refreshing the appearance and insulation of buildings in the Pomeranian, Kuyavian-Pomeranian and Warmian-Masurian Voivodships.

Our Completed Investments

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Sailor's House


Preschool Gösta Ekman

Educational Buildings


Residential Buildings

10 Row Houses

Residential Buildings

Preschool Salem

Educational Buildings

7 Row Houses

Residential Buildings

Preschool Vendelsö

Educational Buildings

Hill House

Residential Buildings

Company News


192 modules assembled in only 2 months!!!

Last week we completed the assembly stage of 192 modules produced at our factory in Kopytkowo, which will consist of the Skapaskolan school in Sweden. The facility, which will accommodate 500 students,
By : Wojtekk | Sep 26, 2018

Skapaskolan – The Begining

Yesterday we started the assembly of the “Skapaskolan” school modules in Sweden. This is our largest project so far, which will consist of 180 modules, and its area will be 5000m2 !!!
By : Wojtekk | May 10, 2018

There is a new Passive House in Gniew, Poland!

Inhabitants of Gniewo, who on 4thof April 2018 went to work in the morning and returned to their homes in the afternoon might have been greatly surprised. Within 2 hours and 50
By : Wojtekk | Apr 5, 2018

Look live how a house is made in 2 hours!

Look live how a house is made in 2 hours! Visit the building site in Gniew and see how, with the help of lorries and a crane, Elmot company puts up a
By : Wojtekk | Mar 26, 2018

The ambassodors of proffesions

Today in Gniew our delegation was present in school (ZSP) named after Ks, Henryk Mross on an open day at school, to talk about our offer of apprenticeship training in Kopytkowo. During
By : Wojtekk | Mar 22, 2018

We’re building a new passive house in Gniew!

We’re pleased to announce that Elmot company has signed its first single family house agreement in Poland! Our company, since the year 2012, has made17 different kinds of buildings, amongst which were
By : Wojtekk | Feb 8, 2018

The first such a holiday home in Poland!

Infrastructure of the Scout Maritime Centre (HOM) in Puck in August 2017 has been enriched by a new facility, which meets the highest energy efficiency standards, i.e. a passive building. Investing in
By : Wojtekk | Sep 4, 2017

Social-Office Containers

The Elmot company has been dealing with the production of social-office containers since 2016. Initially, we produced them for our own needs, to be used as “residential villages” for employees who were
By : Wojtekk | Mar 9, 2016


of building in ELMOT technology

With the proper planning of all the processes it is possible to finish all the stages of production and installation within 6 to 10 weeks! Construction time,
Thanks to quality control at any stage of production we eliminate even the smallest errors, which is extremely important when it comes to obtaining the parameters of a passive buiding.High Quality,
Passive constructions are distinguished by excellent insulation parameters and the usage of solutions aimed at minimizing the consumption of energy needed to heat the building.Energy Efficient,